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Execute commands to a Heroku application. Type: bash



Setup Guide

Part 1: Setup a sample Rails app on Heroku

Skip part 1 if you already have a Heroku app.

Create a Dockerfile

# Dockerfile
FROM --platform=linux/amd64 redmine

Build the image

docker build .

Use the image in a Heroku app

heroku login
heroku container:push web --app runops-heroku-app
heroku container:release web --app runops-heroku-app

Test the rails console using the running

heroku run rails runner 'puts Rails.env' --app runops-heroku-app

Part 2: Add the Heroku app to Runops

Create a Heroku authentication token

heroku authorizations:create

Create a new Runops connection and set the type to bash. Then set the token as a configuration of your Runops connection. Either add it to your secrets provider, Agent env var, or runops-hosted secrets.

Name your variable HEROKU_API_KEY so that Runops can use it to talk to your app

Then you are ready to run the ruby code in the console from Runops. Run a task with the script:

heroku run rails runner 'puts Rails.env' --app runops-heroku-app

You can get an improved setup by wrapping the CLI boilerplate. With a Custom Command you can provide only the ruby code portion of this script and Runops takes care of assembling the full CLI script with your Ruby code. Let us know if you want to get access to Custom Commands.