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I edited the groups of a Target and it disappeared from the list.#

Your own user is missing the group from the Target. You can either add the newly created group to your own user, ot add one of the groups from your use to the Target. The admin group behaves like all other groups, so you need the admin group in a Target to see it if you are an admin.

I deactivated a Target and can't create a new Target with the same name.#

You can update all properties of a Target but the name, even if they are deactivated. When you add the wrong configurations to a Target, instead of deactivating it and creating a new one, update the properties of the Target with the name you want. Ask our team if you want to restore a deactivated Target in your account.


How can I troubleshoot a Template?#

The best way to create a Template is to start with a Task. Use a Target without reviews to you can reduce the time it takes to see changes you make to your script. Ideally use the REPL in the CLI to make running your script similar to running it locally. When you get what you need running as a Task, add the variables and start testing it as a Template. One useful test for the variables is to print them to stdout so you can see them in the logs.