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Link Automations to Connections

Extra configurations

We may also provide extra information about these models, such as connection filters and description. Look the example below:

"runops_configs": {
"description": "Form to add new name and short name for one user.",
"filters": {
"connections": {
"type": "node",
"name": ["node-remote", "node-local"]
"name": {
"type": "text",
"description": "this is a text without pattern"
"shorter_name": {
"type": "text",
"description": "this is a text with patterns",
"maxlength": 10,
"minlength": 2

Using the reserved key runops_configs we can determine extra information for your template.


Use this field to describe your template as you wish.


These are the filters availables: Connections.

│ Filters │ Description │
│ type │ Connections types available on │
│ │ Runops. Only one per template. │
│ name │ Connections names available within │
| │ the organization. An array of │
│ │ strings. │

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