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The primary design constraint for Runops is to make sure your sensitive data never leaves your infrastructure. Credentials stay in your Secrets Management tool. Access results are redacted before they get sent to users.

We make sure every component of our infrastructure uses the highest security and compliance standards. Here is how every element of the Runops API infrastructure behaves:


All our storage mechanisms are encrypted. Additionally, data transferred to and from Runops' backend database is encrypted using TLS.


All our traffic uses HTTPS. All data transferred in and out of Runops is encrypted using hardened TLS. Runops is also protected by HTTP Strict Transport Security.


Runops uses Kubernetes with the highest standards of hardening. We use hardened VMs and container images. Our containers run using GKE Sandbox, powered by gVisor, improving isolation security beyond Docker.


If you need help during compliance audits, please reach out. The Runops team has experience going through all the major certifications. We can help you get the data you need to certify the Runops architecture during audits. Below is an overview of how Runops impacts some certifications and regulations.


  • Credentials of your internal systems never leave your infrastructure.
  • Tasks results with potentially sensitive data are redacted before reaching Runops servers and the users.
  • Despite not accessing sensitive data, the Runops API applies the highest standards of security and compliance.