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Automation (Templates)

Define and share common Tasks with your team.


Templates are pre-defined Tasks stored in a Git repository. These special Tasks have variables defined in their scripts.

When creating a Task using a Template, you have to provide only the variables. A regular Task will be created using the Template script filled with the parameters you provide.

You can run a Task from Slack providing the parameters to the Runops bot, get reviews, and get result logs; all without touching a single line of code or command-line. But you can also use the Runops CLI.

Create a Template

Let's create a Template for querying DynamoDB.

We will create a Template using Python with AWS's boto3 library. After creating the script, we commit it to the main branch of the Runops Templates repository.


Open the Templates repository for everyone at your company to contribute with scripts they already have.

Here is our template, lets save it to a file and commit it to the main branch of a Github repository.

select * from customers where id in ( {{ids}} )

This template has 1 parameters which is indicated by double curly braces:

{{ids}} - the list of ids to select

Connect Runops to Github

Head over to settings inside the Runops web portal and install the Github app.

Check available templates

Check the Templates tab inside the portal. Or type /runops templates anywhere in Slack.

Use a Template

Create a Task from the Template. Select the template in the list, provide the inputs, and run it.

Next Steps

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