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Add Users

You can add other people to your Runops organization or let them register themselves.

Add Users#


runops users create \
--name "Michale Scotch" \
--email "" \
--team "engineering" \
--roles "dev,support"

Self Register#

Users can request access to Runops from Slack and the CLI. In both cases, an operator has to approve the new user before they receive access. Runops sends a Slack message with the user information for approval to the operators.


/runops register

Anyone in your Slack workspace can type /runops register and start the registration flow.


runops signup

Any users with an email from your organization can start the registration flow from the CLI.

After approval of the user from one of the operators in Slack the user needs to continue the signup from the CLI to link their user to Slack. Running runops signup again will finish the setup and enable the user in Slack and the Command-line.

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