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Windows: WSL

Follow these steps to setup Runops proxy mode on Windows using WSL:

  1. Download and Install nodejs
  2. Install Runops CLI:
npm install -g runops
  1. Login to Runops
runops login
  1. Install WSL
wsl --install -d Ubuntu
  1. Search WSL in the start menu and open it
  2. Inside the WSL shell, download and install the proxy application:
wget -c -O - | tar -xz
chmod +x rproxy
  1. Now start the proxy
cp /mnt/c/.runops/config $HOME/.runops/
./rproxy postgres -c <YOUR DATABASE NAME HERE>
  1. Open your database client and create a connection with the data:
  • Hostname:
  • Username: runops
  • Password: runops
  • Port: 5433

Repeat steps 3 and 7 to restart your connection. For security reasons Runops asks you to login again every few hours. Repeating these steps reestablishes your connection.